Halloween Window Monsters

window monsters 2

One more post today…I LOVE fall and I also love Halloween!!! I started putting up decorations today.

A couple years back I saw an idea on Pinterest and decided to try it myself, only better! Duh! I am fairly good at free handed stuff, provided I have the time and my kiddos only bump me a little while I work. Lol. Yeah right:)

All I used was black poster board (foam board would be sturdier, but hard to cut detail), scissors, an exacta-knife, pencil, and tape. After measuring my windows and cutting the poster board to size, I hand drew my designs. Next I cut them out and taped things together I needed as I went. The end product is a little bit of an eye sore from the inside of the house, but it would look a little better if I used something other than the silver duct tape I had on hand lol. Besides, you put the white blinds down behind it so you can see it better from the outside anyways…

window monsters 3

But the outside looks AWESOME!!

window monsters 2

The hand on the monster in the window right next to the front door is actually my sons window I traced when he was about 10 months old.

window monsters 1

It’s pretty time consuming, but turned out great! If I were to make some for someone else, prices would really depend on the elaboration and size of the windows. I would say anywhere from $15 (like the one next to my front door) and up. The one in my front window (with the four monsters) would be about $50.

TIP: having white blind behind the posters and a lamp on in the room close to the window makes the monsters visible during the day and really pop at night even more than just having the lights on in the house.

We can’t wait for Halloween in our house!!!

Preserved Fresh Garlic

garlic 3

In our house we like to use a lot of garlic. Its a pain to peel sometimes and I found myself wasting a lot of it as some of the cloves would go bad or sprout before we could use them.

So… I was at a bulk food big box store recently and saw a big bag of fresh peeled garlic. I decided to get it and look into how to preserve it for a fraction of the price you can buy it for in a jar.

There is a very bad bacteria that can grow on room temp garlic, so be mindful and do some research yourself if you plan to do this, but basically as long as you store it at least in the fridge, in not the freezer, you should be safe:)

First I pickled the garlic for 3 days in plain old white vinegar. Drain off the vinegar which you can store and use the garlic vinegar for cooking and pickling too!

garlic 1

Then using my Ninja food processor I chopped the garlic up. You can also purre it and use the paste, but we like to just finely chop it. Layer the garlic into a airtight glass container with your favorite cooking oil. I used extra virgin olive oil. You can easily use vegetable oil, grape seed oil etc.

garlic 2

Ta-da! I made close to 2 1/2 PINTS!

garlic 3

Total cost was probably around $10 total. I shared with a friend, a neighbor, AND my mom, and still had this whole jar to ourselves.


Monthly Baby Picture Circles

12 monthly baby picture circles- farm critters

My first post! FINALLY!!!

Quick update, both our eldest sister Jenelle and myself have had a new addition to our families in the last few months! Babies and Mama’s are both doing well and we are excited to finally start “repopulating” the Smith family with some girls! Hope (Jenelle’s new daughter) is doing great! Addie (our new addition, real name Adelore) is also. All big brothers and Daddy’s are too! Logan and Blake are Hope’s big brothers, and Arody is Addie’s big brother.

On to the post! On top of our family welcoming new additions, we feel like LOTS and LOTS of those around us are having babies right now too! Between Jenelle and I we counted knowing of at least 2 dozen! We love babies.

I decided to dust off my old Cricut and make a few of the baby gifts for this baby season. First I made some little farm critters to go with the nursery theme of a little one close by. They were small enough that all the assembly had to be done with tweezers. Uh! Next time I’ll make larger ones. They didn’t seem quite complete, so I added some little googly eyes I had left over from Arody’s monster themed 1st birthday.

Farm Critters

Farm Critters

So cute! I might make some bigger farm critters for her to add to the nursery too. Or maybe frame the bigger one’s for some matching wall art… mmmm… another day, another craft!

After creating the critters I used my Cricut and cut some numbers, circles, and flower circles.

12 monthly baby pictures before assembly

12 monthly baby pictures before assembly

After getting them all together, they looked awesome!

12 monthly baby picture circles- farm critters

12 monthly baby picture circles- farm critters

I purposely did not add the word “month” or “months” to the circles so that they can be hung up in the nursery later and used to help learn numbers. Maybe. Just a thought I had.

I have lots of Cricut options, and this project can be made to fit pretty much any theme. Prices start at $35 for the set.

Anyways, I’m happy to have completed my first post finally. I go back to work soon, but I hope to still have a little time to post here and there. See ya soon!



Peek-a-Boo Baby Shirt


I saw this shirt awhile ago and thought it was funny and would be cute when I was pregnant again. Boy does time fly!  When a few friends showed it to me during this pregnancy, I knew I had to get it done…but time was still flying! I gave myself a deadline and had the goal to wear it to my baby shower (that some wonderful friends were insistent I needed!)  and I made it!  I finished it the day before…hurray!

Peeking-Baby-Jenelle-2Emily thinks it’s creepy. Most people either say it’s cute or keep their comments to themselves (which probably means they think it’s creepy but since they’re not my sister, they are too polite to say it aloud!)  I figure, I’ve only got a short window to weird people out – might as well go for it!!!  hehe!

Peeking-Baby-JenelleIt was particularly tricky to figure out what shirt to put it on! In order for the full effect, it needs to be on a form-fitting shirt so you SEE the belly….but that means it needs to stretch a bit – but the vinyl doesn’t like to stretch…so it’s a little wonky but it’s for me after all, so the only person I’m disappointing is me :)

Thanks for stopping by! See you next time!

Brownie Sundae Teacher Appreciation Gifts


I just do NOT have the mind of a blogger. Logan and I spent much of our day yesterday working on his end-of-year teacher appreciation gifts. Do you think I took a single picture? haha! Not a one! But I did create a printable gift tag that I’ll link for free. So bear with me here :)


Logan received a Dairy Queen gift card from his teachers for Christmas, so he wanted to give them ice cream as a gift…kind of difficult.  So we decided on giving them everything BUT the ice cream!  He wanted cookies and brownies, an ice cream scoop, chocolate syrup and ice cream.  So we settled on a cookie jar, fruit topping, homemade brownies, and a colorful ice cream scoop (Mommy threw in a personalized dish towel too).

Life is short eat dessert first

We added the phrase “Life is short, eat dessert first” and a pretty lacy initial to the cookie jar, wrapped up the rest inside the cookie jar, attached our gift tag and called it good.

Pet Rocks

He also created a pet rock for their gardens – and I DID get a picture of those :)

Here’s our printable gift-tag. Just print and cut around it with scissors if you don’t have your own silhouette!


(If you have your own Silhouette and can utilize .studio files, shoot me an email and I’ll share the file I created from scratch that is all ready for print-and-cut.  I also have a pdf ready to email if you can’t utilize the .png posted above.)

Have a great day!

Superhero Masks


We were recently invited to a 2-year-old’s birthday party. Whenever my boys get together with him and his older brother, they play superheroes. So, I thought this would make a perfect gift for the family as a whole to play together. (Unfortunately I cannot sell these as it would break a whole lot of copyright/trademark laws… :( )  Just enjoy our fun as mommy finished all the masks and the boys got to try them on.

Logan had a pose for every single mask and put a lot of thought into each, cracked me up!


See you next time!

Fabric Embellished Shirts – a Tutorial


I thought it was about time for another tutorial. And I recently had another order for the circle sibling t-shirts, so I took pictures of my process.  Let me know if you find anything confusing.

You will need:

  • Shirts
  • Scrap Fabric (I use old t-shirts)
  • Heat-N-Bond Lite
  • Stabilizer
  • Sewing Machine
  • Iron

Smith-Sisters_stfabttl-MirrOnce you have decided on a design print it out and find a well-lit window to tape it to. Either mirror your image before printing or tape it backwards. You’ll be tracing the image in reverse.  (Do you like our toys scattered on the deck?  Haha!)

Smith-Sisters_stitchedfabriTrace your <reversed> image onto the paper side of the Heat-n-Bond Lite (I should have taken my sweatshirt off so this poor third-child could have a pregnant belly pic…oh well!) (we’re using Lite so that we can sew it on securely – you can try the ultra, but it’s always fallen off in the wash for me :-/ And you *can* sew the ultra but the glue sticks to the needle and gums it up pretty bad. You can get around it if you clean your needle with rubbing alcohol frequently — easier to just buy the right stuff!)

Smith-Sisters_stfabttl-IronCut out around the design (but not right on the lines, it’s easier to just cut once after you’ve ironed it to the fabric). Iron to the wrong side of the fabric.  (Some might notice that the text on the white scrap fabric is crooked. It’s because this t-shirt was cockeyed. It never laid right when wearing it and it’s because the whole thing is cut at an angle, I line the design up with the grain of the fabric)

Smith-Sisters_stfabttl-PlacCut out the design (on the lines). Since my design has two layers, I cut the letters out and remove the paper backing and iron to the circles, but I don’t iron to the shirt yet (this allows me to hide the thread ends between the circle and the shirt and makes it less “tickly” for the wearer. It’s also easier to manipulate around all the letter curves in the sewing machine.)

Smith-Sisters_stfabttl-StitSew the letters onto each circle.  I used a zig zag stitch because I like the texture it adds to this design since it’s so simple. Be sure to pull the threads through to the back of your design.  I tie my ends for extra security. Trim your thread ends.

Smith-Sisters_stfabttl-ShirIron the circle (with stitched lettering) to your shirt. (On the inside of the shirt, it helps to also iron a stabilizer on the back of the design area).

Smith-Sisters_stfabttl-StabStitch around your design. I like leaving an un-stitched border on this design because after its first wash it curls up a little and adds more texture. (Bottom is right-side-out shirt Top is inside-out shirt, showing the stabilizer) Pull your threads to the back and definitely tie them this time since you won’t have anything to sandwich the ends in. Trim the thread ends.

Smith-Sisters_stfabttl-DoneAnd you’re finished!

Please let me know if anything is confusing. I know it’s quite possible I’ve left something out or been unclear.


Sound like too much work for you? They are available to order at our storenvy site with customizable text and colors.

Thanks for looking! See you next time!