Big Brother and Little Brother T-Shirts


Since baby is on the way, I’ve been making baby stuff the priority. And since I figured baby wouldn’t know if I didn’t get the projects for him done on time but big brother would…those needed to take priority. So…t-shirts for the big brother and little brother!

I made a smaller size that will fit today…And a larger size that will fit in 3-6 months.

The Superhero Brothers’ T-Shirts  (my personal favorite!)

And the Circle Brothers’ T-Shirts

And hopefully when we give the shirts to Logan and baby brother is born, I’ll remember to update this post with pictures of the brothers in their t-shirts!

I’m horrible at remembering to take pictures of the process – but it was all done with heat-n-bond and scraps of knit. I also used clearanced onesies…Why were colored onesies on clearance you ask? Because they looked like this:

So I created my design to cover the Fourth of July graphics.  I printed the letters on the printer then traced them to the heat-n-bond (using a window – I’m high-tech around here folks) ironed, cut, ironed and sewed. Before doing the outer borders, I also put some fusible interfacing on the inside of the t-shirt, over the design part. It sealed in the extra lengths of thread from stitching the design and made it smoother for stitching the outer borders. And voila!  Four brand new brother t-shirts!  Can’t beat that!

If you are interested in purchasing a similar shirt, please visit our facebook page here and leave us a message – we’re getting it all setup.

Also, I’ve gotten some comments that my spam blocker is catching saying that some of my images aren’t loading…if you’re a real person and you can’t get an image to load, would please leave a comment trying to let me know which image it is (maybe reference what paragraph it’s near?) I would REALLY appreciate it! Thanks so much!

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5 thoughts on “Big Brother and Little Brother T-Shirts

    • Thanks :) I’m sorry it took so long to get back to you, we were traveling! If you would still like to order one, contact me through email jenelle(dot)willert(@)gmail(dot)com and we can work out what sizes and colors you would like.

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