Elf on the Shelf – Elf Bomb


When I last posted (yes, forever ago…) Kay seemed to be up to something…she cut snowflakes, got tangled up in Christmas lights, and made a paper chain.

When Logan woke up the next morning, his room had been Elf Bombed!!!
Elf Bomb

Elf Bomb 2

He was super excited, and since Kay was hanging from the ceiling fan’s light pull, he knew who did it too!  (He also realized she had used her own snowflakes and paper chain. Win!)

It was kinda hard for her to accomplish all of this without waking Logan up, but she managed – despite the old rental house’s creaky floors trying to sabotage her and her helper!

And since it’s Jan 1st, and we just took down our Christmas decorations – and only now did I remember and find this outfit:

Santa Blake

Merry Christmas from Logan and Santa Blake!

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