Monkey Themed Bathroom


For some reason we tend to collect items from others that are for a monkey themed bathroom. I blame it on raising two hairless monkeys! But it’s not really our thing. I’m honestly not sure what our “bathroom theme” is…  Functional? I had started out trying for greens and browns with seashells and fish but it doesn’t seem to be working out too well.  Maybe when we buy a home and can actually paint and do the tile and such then it’ll straighten itself out.

ANYHOW! We had some friends over the other night and one commented on our monkey soap dish after visiting our bathroom. I told her she needed to take it home with her because it was going in the next donation box we would gather. We just can’t keep accumulating stuff when we are still going to be moving! But then she (purposely) forgot it when they left.

Bathroom-Rules-Monkey-SignSo I made a sign to go with the soap dish. And took both to her. Bahahaha! If she doesn’t like them and was just being polite she can donate them herself :)

I think the monkeys on a branch are cute. And I couldn’t decide on an order for the words or even what words to use…so I googled and found several signs with “Wash Brush Floss Flush” and just went with it.  I’m not so sure anymore though…shouldn’t it be floss brush flush wash? Or flush wash floss brush? Eh, whatever. It’s cute!

See you next time!

St. Patrick’s Day Shirts


Logan is VERY preoccupied with St. Patrick’s Day this year and has been obsessing about what he’s going to wear.  So we went to wal-mart and looked around for some green….but that stuff’s EXPENSIVE! Holy bananas batman!  I know I’m cheap to a fault, but I just canNOT spend $22 on a shirt he’ll wear once! So we hit the clearance rack and found a plain green and navy blue striped shirt for $1. He was bummed but I assured him Momma could fix it. We also picked up a green shirt with graphic for Blake for $2.

St Patricks Day shirts Logan and Blake

He is well pleased!  And that makes me super proud :-D

P.S.  He finally revealed why he is so excited about St. Patrick’s Day…he remembers all the leprechauns’ tricks and is excited for him to leave green paint all over again and color his nose and such…Guess I better get to plannin’!

Do leprechauns visit your house? What mischievous destruction do they bring to you???  Might yours color a green mustache on a sleeping child?  (Come on, share the ideas people, I’m running on empty!!!)  I wrote this post about our leprechauns last year.

Etched Floating Locket Necklace


floating-locket-etched1A customer had a beautiful idea I executed for her. She wanted her children’s names etched into the glass of a floating locket.

floating-locket-etched2And it turned out BEAUTIFULLY!  I think I’ll be doing the same on a second necklace for myself in the very near future. The effect is just stunning in person!  (As always, my photography skills are lacking, I’m so sorry. I’m trying, really I am!)

Valentine gifts for teachers


Guys, I’m not gonna lie. I feel horrible right now but I’m bored and the youngest is asleep and the oldest is playing so well by himself, there’s no way I’m interrupting our household peace! So we’re gonna attempt a post.

TumblerClassicPlum3wrappedLogan wanted to give his teachers something special for Valentine’s too and knew that they didn’t need bouncy balls like he got for his classmates. So we decided on purple tumblers and lanyards. (I decided the purple tumblers, he chose the design. He decided on lanyards and I chose the design. Funny how these things work out!)

I’m just gonna insert a link to my storenvy store here. The purple tumblers are available now. The lanyards will be available when I have a few days where I feel better and can get 20 cranked out for 4-H prizes and then I can work on a listing for public sales.

And a collage of photos you can peruse through at your leisure. Feel free to ask questions in the comments and I’ll get back to you when I can.
Thanks! See you next time!

Space Valentines


Last year Logan wanted to give out space valentines with bouncy balls. We’d seen the idea in a magazine and he was ALL excited. Well this year, he’s still excited, and since we moved 5 hours away and we have all new friends…he’s doing them again! But now I know my machine better! So they’re cuter! And were easier! And you can actually READ what we wrote! Yay!


We just used regular black construction paper we’ve had on hand forever. We sketched “You’re out of this world Valentine!” and stars with a gold gel pen, then cut the circles and hearts. Then Logan hand-wrote all the names we needed.

2014-02-11_13-09-47_623_wmAnd then we sat down and glued them all together. He was most definitely in charge of arranging the planets just so. :)

2014-02-11_13-10-48_183_wmI’d be happy to share the file. If you can use .studio just send me a message with your email address and I’ll share it with ya!

Jesus Loves Me Subway Art Tote Bag


We have found a new church we really like and have been carrying our bibles back and forth twice a week. I really don’t want to see them get all tattered before their time. So I found a plain tote and embellished it myself.

Jesus-Loves-Me-subway-art-tI didn’t want it too girly since I have all boys in my household but I’m sure it’s girlier than they would have chosen ;)

Thorn-Cross-tote-bagMaybe the cross with thorns on the other side evens it out?

Either way, I love it!

It wasn’t too difficult to put the words “Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so” into a subway art format…after I figured it out!  Now I’m on a roll, when I find the shirt I want to use, I have another design with the 1 Corinthians 13 “Love never fails” verse all ready to go!

There would be lots of applications for this design, I’ll put the tote idea for sale in my store but it would work on a shirt or wall-hanging really well. I think I may even put it on a canvas to hang in the baby’s room!

The Princess and the Frog Sibling Shirts


I REALLY need to be better about posting when I do something. I’ve said it before but I need to live it: down with perfection!!!!

Some great friends of ours have a sweet little girl and were expecting a little boy in their family. When I make shirts I try to make them personalized to the family and she (like a lot of little girls) loves princesses, glitter, and pink and purple.


So I made her a princess crown big sister shirt with glitter to bling it up a little! And I made the new baby a frog little brother shirt.

PrincessFrog_sibling-tshirts-closeupSuper cute, right? But rather time consuming! I’ll post these for sale in my store.