Jesus Loves Me Subway Art Tote Bag


We have found a new church we really like and have been carrying our bibles back and forth twice a week. I really don’t want to see them get all tattered before their time. So I found a plain tote and embellished it myself.

Jesus-Loves-Me-subway-art-tI didn’t want it too girly since I have all boys in my household but I’m sure it’s girlier than they would have chosen ;)

Thorn-Cross-tote-bagMaybe the cross with thorns on the other side evens it out?

Either way, I love it!

It wasn’t too difficult to put the words “Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so” into a subway art format…after I figured it out!  Now I’m on a roll, when I find the shirt I want to use, I have another design with the 1 Corinthians 13 “Love never fails” verse all ready to go!

There would be lots of applications for this design, I’ll put the tote idea for sale in my store but it would work on a shirt or wall-hanging really well. I think I may even put it on a canvas to hang in the baby’s room!

The Princess and the Frog Sibling Shirts


I REALLY need to be better about posting when I do something. I’ve said it before but I need to live it: down with perfection!!!!

Some great friends of ours have a sweet little girl and were expecting a little boy in their family. When I make shirts I try to make them personalized to the family and she (like a lot of little girls) loves princesses, glitter, and pink and purple.


So I made her a princess crown big sister shirt with glitter to bling it up a little! And I made the new baby a frog little brother shirt.

PrincessFrog_sibling-tshirts-closeupSuper cute, right? But rather time consuming! I’ll post these for sale in my store.

Celtic Heart Knot Necklace


Purple Infinity Necklace by Smith-SistersWell after my two failures yesterday, I had to create a beautiful necklace I WOULD be proud to wear! (failures detailed below)

I put it up for sale in my storenvy site, I think I’ll try something new and post it on facebook too, see if we can get some sales rolling somehow!

Two years ago I worked really hard to create a Celtic heart knot necklace out of wire and fake pearls. It. Was. Gorgeous!

Wire - HeartSee??!?!?!

I want one for myself! (I gave ^that^ one to a little sister) And I think they would sell really well at Valentine’s day. Makes the perfect gift while still being within budget. Jewelry…but not expensive. Makes sense to me anyway!

But these are SO HARD!!!!!!  I worked on two of them yesterday for hours!

2014-01-30_16-33-56_461_wmAnd this is the best I could come up with.

2014-01-30_16-33-35_521_wmUgh!  I “designed” the darn thing and I can’t even duplicate it! :-P  Anyway! Just thought I’d share my failure :)  When I figure this out it’s gonna make millions!!! Ha! If only!

Thanks for stopping by, see you next time!

Sibling T-shirts – Elephants Marching


We have some awesome friends we’ve had to move away from. (You know, because of life, not because we don’t like them anymore!) Actually, we’ve had to do that with a lot of friends… 2014-01-05_15-32-14_152_wm

But these friends just added a new member to their wonderful family!  So I decided to send a gift that would be for all the kids! T-shirts with elephants marching on the big sister, big brother, little sister words.

2014-01-05_15-32-48_522_wmA teal t-shirt for the Big Sister

2014-01-05_15-33-12_411_wmA dark gray t-shirt for the biggest Big Brother

2014-01-05_15-33-47_866_wmA black t-shirt for the new Big Brother

2014-01-05_15-34-02_728_wmAnd a tiny white “creeper” for the Little Sister. (I find it RIDICULOUS how much trouble I can get in for using the name we ALL use for the infant snapping shirts. Seriously?!?)

2014-01-05_15-35-32_982_wmAnd I’m sure they’re cute as anything in all their new gear :)

(The Momma is kinda testing them for me, seeing how much wear and tear they can take before I start selling them. I’m missing a very large (and expensive) piece of equipment I need to make them “properly” but hopefully with enough quality control and care, it will be equally as great!)

Thanks for looking! See you next time!

Baby Receiving Blankets


Is it just my life or do babies come in waves!?!?! Goodness gracious! Including my own, I know of 11 babies coming within the next 7 months! Yikes!

2014-01-21_18-44-38_612_wmThis means I need to find a quick gift that is useful and cheap! My standard LARGE receiving blankets to the rescue!

2014-01-21_18-44-07_367_wmI LOVE these SO much! I swaddled both my boys until they were 6-months-old using these large receiving blankets. And they weren’t little boys either! When the blanket is the right size, I find it easy to do. When you try to use the store-bought ones (that are barely big enough to swaddle a newborn) you’re bound to fail! Miserably. The flannel ones keep them nice and warm and are a bit larger (approximately 42″ square) so they work well for a very long time. I also found them useful when we would go on walks because they were large enough to tuck around the baby and could be tied around me and the baby if it turned into a windy trip.

2014-01-21_18-45-56_410_wmI also found a great muslin cotton to make this large lightweight receiving blanket for all of the upcoming spring/summer babies. (I used a lightweight cotton gauze for Blake and I loved it, but it was rather pricy and it stretched a LOT which was nice sometimes. But a lot of the time I was wishing for a sturdier fabric that still breathes.) The muslin is a looser weave but still sturdy so it will be perfect for the warmer months.

2014-01-21_18-45-31_879_wmIt also happens to be a smaller fabric width so I could only get 35″ squares but it should still be an adequate size for the first several months.

If you’re interested in purchasing (similar) blankets, please visit our storenvy store.

2014-01-21_18-33-29_129What I’m MOST excited about with these particular blankets though, are the tags! I love learning new techniques!

Thanks for looking, and see you next time!

Home is where your heart is


If I’ve learned one thing from moving so much, it’s that “home is where your heart is,” is supremely true. No matter where we are, I find that if I’m feeling miserable it’s because my heart is somewhere else. It takes effort, but I can usually rearrange my thoughts and feelings (and sometimes rearrange our schedules or routines) so that my heart is happy where I am.



I designed this awhile ago while thinking of this phenomenon, I think I lean much more toward the simple things when creating.


If you have a plotter (cutter) and would like this file, you can have it! For free!  You can even sell things you make using this file, but please don’t sell or distribute the digital file itself (I’d like to know how many people like the file and want it for themselves, so please direct them here (or to the store) to get it for themselves!)

Since this is my first time “selling” a file, I’m not entirely sure how well it will work. I have it set up to be $0.00 in my store and you should be able to just order it, then I’ll email it to the address you provide in the ordering process.  (If storenvy requires you to input paypal or creditcard info for a $0 purchase, please let me know and we’ll find a different way to get you the file, I don’t think you should have to input that type of info for a free file!) Thanks for working with me to figure out the best way to go about this!



The wall is lookin’ a little bare! Guess I’ll have to create more! :-D

Candles for your home


So…when I disappear from blog-land y’all should just assume I’m pregnant!  Yup, once again, we’re expecting another little bundle! And once again, I do not handle pregnancy well. I can’t decide whether I hate women who have it easier, to be jealous of them, or to congratulate them. I fluctuate between all of these…mostly depends on my level of misery. I’ve only had to resist the urge to punch people in the throat a couple of times ;-)  so far…

I did get a lot of Christmas gifts completed. This one was super simple but has gotten some great compliments!
We bought the candles at a local retailer. I measured how large I wanted the design then cut the initial and name from black and white vinyl.  Cleaned the glass with rubbing alcohol and a microfiber cloth. Then used transfer tape to apply the black initial first, then the white name right on top. And wrapped ‘em up! Seriously so easy!

I currently have 5 projects almost completed. Oy!  When I get those done and shipped, my next project will be a light box. My photo-taking skills have GOT to improve and I think lighting is my biggest challenge. yes?  If you have tips or suggestions, I’m very open to hear them!
photo lighting comparison

I’m also very sorry for the neglect around here.  On the plus side, I do have some ideas on what I could be doing differently and maybe what direction I should be looking towards. (I really like designing projects but lack the time to complete them a lot of the time. Anybody interested in that sort of thing? I’m sure free files would be a hit…but then again, there’s already a lot of files available out there…)